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The pulsating Cardio Model

The Pulsating Cardio Model

This product was created to help surgeons improve and refine their skills in coronary anastomosis.
The pulsating device which generates the cardiac beat is attached to a cardio model reproduced
from soft urethane based on an adult male's CT data.

With table protracted
Pulsating Cardio Model
Cardio Model Pulsating Device
Dimensions Width 160mm × Height 200mm × Depth 160mm
(FS male adult)
Width 510mm × Height 950
Material Soft urethane Exterior : Resin
Color Red White
Major structure
(Reproduced sections)
Right ventricle, Left ventricle / Right atrium,Left atrium /
Coronary arteries, Coronary veins / Aorta /
Superior vena cava, Inferior vena cava / Pulmonary vein
Replaceable coronary artery. (additional charge for replacements)
Liquid crystal monitor
Caster etc.

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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